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 Promoting TIES


As you assess the interest and need for TIES, it is important to consider the financial, administrative and staff support available, as well as the existing resources that may be complementary to TIES.  The successful implementation of TIES is a joint effort among the TIES Coordinator, School District Administrator and the community. TIES can be initiated by any of these individuals. An essential first step is to market TIES to the individual who will be funding the program which is usually the school district and/or community.

 Benefits for students with disabilities include:


¨      Increased social interaction within the school/community providing more opportunities for friendship and inclusion

¨      Pursuing a specific interest, sport or hobby that may develop into a lifelong leisure activity

¨      Increased opportunities to apply academic learning in the community and real life situations

¨      Increased age appropriate independence from family members

¨      Fun!


Benefits for student volunteers:


¨      Gaining more understanding about disability and diversity

¨      Having an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life

¨      Making new friendships

¨      Exploring career options

¨      Gaining experience for future employment

¨      Fun!


Benefits for activity leaders:


¨      Gaining more understanding about disability and diversity

¨      Building diverse groups that recognize and appreciate diversity

¨      Promoting community awareness and acceptance

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