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Misconceptions about the Soccer Complex Proposed for Greece Canal Park


I. It's for the kids, isn't it?

No, this soccer complex is not intended for use by ordinary kids' teams. This complex is planned to accommodate large tournaments for elite travel teams from a multi-state area as well as from Canada. Teams would be charged higher fees to play on these fields than the usual kids' teams could afford.


2. It's just a few soccer fields. Why all the fuss?

According to the proposal, this complex will have 22 regular soccer fields and two tournament-quality fields, including one with bleachers. There will also be restrooms, concession stands, a central operations building, and parking for over 1900 cars. This type of complex could accommodate tournaments with 200-300 teams in one location. Traffic problems would result from the large numbers of cars trying to travel the two- lane Manitou Road to the complex. Noise from games would disturb park users and nearby residents.


3. I don't live in Greece. Why should I care?

Greece Canal Park is a Monroe County Park, not a Town of Greece Park. All Monroe County residents will share in the cost of developing such a complex. There will be added costs from widening Manitou Road. Also, there is no sewer line on Manitou Road. A sewer line would have to be brought across the park from Elmgrove Road at great cost, if portable bathrooms are inadequate to handle the thousands of people expected. The land proposed for this complex is 134 acres of dedicated park land. Putting in a few athletic playing fields for local residents is within the ordinary use of park land. Using park land for a commercially oriented complex like this is a misuse of park land.


4. Where exactly is this land located?

Right on the Erie Canal, just east of Manitou Road. Eighty-eight acres of the land was recently purchased as an addition to Greece Canal Park, and had been fanned. In addition to this flat, cleared land, the complex would extend into currently wooded area.<; of the park, including a wetland. The towpath goes right past this location. People who run and bike and walk along the towpath looking for peace and quiet would find a massive sports operation beside their route.


5. Isn't this complex supposed to pay for itself!

So was Frontier Field and so was the ESL hockey center. County residents are sti11 subsidizing those facilities and will continue to do so in the future.


6. What can I do?

Let County Manager Jack Doyle and your county legislator know that you oppose this misuse of park land and county funds. Here are some online contact information about your politicians. Take Action.



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