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     Citizens For The Integrity of Greece Canal Park is a group who have mobilized our efforts to save Greece Canal Park from the proposed Soccer Complex.  We are feisty, concerned and have channeled much money, time and effort into a common mission. Our aim is to leave Greece Canal Park as it is - CLEAN, GREEN, and QUIET, which has become our motto. We are as grass roots as they come. Our aim is to stay vigilant and to show that we in Greece have a genuine concern for our quality of life and that we care deeply about our parks and green, open space.    *This site was last updated on Wednesday, November 07, 2001

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Got some comments about the proposed soccer field in Greece Canal Park?  Join our Forum. Contacts: Please contact these individuals for these various items:  DAVID RIDLEY for information, ALBERT GALLO for how to obtain POSTERS,  MURIEL ALBRIGHT -for how to obtain LITERATURE

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

    Monroe County Executive Jack Doyle and the soccer complex advisory committee early this summer selected Greece Canal Park as the proposed soccer complex site. The site approximately 130 acres, bounded by Manitou Rd. and the Erie Canal would consume 88 acres of farmland purchased last fall and 30 - 40 acres of woods and wetlands. The complex would consist of 22 fields, 1,936 car parking lot, 2,500 seat bleachers, lights, loudspeakers, concessions, restrooms and other buildings. This soccer complex is planned to accommodate large tournaments (pay for play) for elite travel teams from a multi-state area and Canada.

    Southwest Greece is an old residential area that still retains its rural character. Two lane Manitou Road and the two lane canal bridge would be seriously overloaded with increased traffic. The hill from the canal bridge makes an entrance and exit to the complex hazardous. The site is not flat, being generally rolling terrain and has no sewers.

    The green scenic beauty and serenity of the Erie Canal Towpath enjoyed by walkers, bicyclists and runners would be compromised.  Wetlands both federal and state on and adjacent to the site would be severely impacted. The site supports an abundance of wildlife including turkey, deer, fox, woodcock and the pileated woodpecker. Both Monroe County and the Town of Greece have referred to the site as environmentally sensitive.

    Most of the upfront planning for this proposed soccer complex site was done with no public input. Tobacco settlement money will be used to fund all or part of this project, instead of being used for health care. Frontier Field and the ESL Hockey Center were supposed to pay for themselves. Will we the taxpayers also have to subsidize the soccer complex?

    This proposed soccer complex will destroy the character and integrity of Greece Canal Park, the Erie Canal and the surrounding community. This commercially oriented complex and the magnitude of it does not belong in Greece Canal Park.
Voice your concern by calling or writing County Exec. Jack Doyle, Greece Supervisor John Auberger and your county legislators.



  •  88 ACRES  purchased in Greece for park land is proposed as a site for a Large Tournament Soccer Complex – this park land is bordered by Manitou Road and Erie Canal. 

  • A wooded wetland of Greece Canal County Park would be severely affected by the soccer complex. 

  • Greece Canal Park is a haven for migratory birds stopping before their long haul across Lake Ontario. 

  • 22 fields and two to three stadiums, a parking lot for more than 2,000 cars, an operation building, concession buildings and bright lights would be seen from the historic Erie Canal Towpath. The Park will be overrun by out of town/state visitors who come for the tournaments. 

  • Towpath is enjoyed by walkers, bicyclists, and runners for its green scenic beauty. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THAT BEAUTY! 

  • Cost: Estimated at $4.5 million (does not include sewer and road expenses which taxpayers will have to finance). 

  • Complex will most likely be turned over to a for-profit, private entity. 

  • 490 acres were purchased with Greece taxpayer money for hotels and restaurants without any input from Greece taxpayers. This farm land is next to the Greece Canal Park and the Canal Towpath.  

  • Increased traffic in park will render it unsafe for bicyclists, walkers, runners, and park visitors.  

  • Money from Tobacco Settlement may be used to finance an ultimately private, for-profit venture. What about using the Tobacco money for its intended purpose to improve the health of Monroe County? Wouldn’t saving Genesee Hospital be a better use of this money that belongs to us all? 


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