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One aspect that deserves celebration is that TIES is for all students; it is an effort to unite children with peers so they can learn with and from each other.  Their learning is enhanced by their diversity. Margo VanHaneghan, Director of Special Education, Brighton Central School District, 1998


Our Mission 

    Together Including Every Student (TIES) promotes the participation of students with developmental disabilities in extracurricular and community activities by creating effective, natural support provided by trained student volunteers.

Profile TIES provides support to students with developmental disabilities who wish to participate in extra curricular and recreational activities through partnership with trained student volunteers.

Vision Statement  Opportunities for personal and social growth are essential to the development of healthy individuals. All people share a diverse range of attributes that can be recognized and valued. Society benefits from the active participation and contributions of people with disabilities in school and community life.

WEBSITE PURPOSE Our intention is to share a concise description and the program design of Together Including Every Student (TIES) to those interested in inclusive recreation for students with developmental disabilities. We hope to provide you with the essential information that will allow you to assess your interest and readiness to implement TIES.


The TIES program is the happy offspring of parent/government union, developed by two parents of children with developmental disabilities in 1997 in response to a New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council request for innovative, cost effective ideas to enhance the quality of life, productivity and inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities.


The principles of inclusive education have been mandated by federal statute and are in various stages of implementation throughout the country.   However, extending this principle to the social arena, universally recognized as an essential part of life’s experience, learning and enjoyment, has been left largely to chance.


The goal is to provide a secure and informed environment that is also free from too much adult intervention, so children with disabilities can take part in traditional community and extra curricular activities in the most natural possible manner.


The program employs a coordinator to work in close conjunction with the school district to identify eligible participants, recruit and train volunteers, communicate with activity leaders and make the necessary arrangements for each activity.

Contact Information

  585 760 0541;
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Caroline Ganz
31 Harrison Terrace
          Rochester, NY 14617 
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